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Section G   Cage Birds

Prize Money:  First $10; Second $5

Entry Fee: $1

Steward:  Shirley McLean    0438 007 506  & Ross Cruttenden   9447 9238


These regulations are to be read in conjunction with the Rules and Regulations for Exhibitors and Participants on the back of the nomination form. 

All NOMINATION OF entry forms must be signed.

Requirements to exhibit

  • NOMINATION OF ENTRY FORMS will be received until noon Wednesday 30th October


  • Birds should be benched by 8.45am in standard show cages for judging to commence at 9.00am Saturday 2nd November. 

  • Seed to be in cages.

  •  Please empty water containers for judging. 

  • Access to the hall is from Adelaide Street.

  • The Society reserves the right to limit exhibitor’s entries if space is not available.

Requirements to collect Exhibits

  • The pavilion closes at 4pm and will reopen at 4.15pm for exhibits to be collected

  • Receipt of entry is required to collect birds



Exhibitors must clean spilled seed from cages, please bring appropriate equipment to facilitate this.



A trophy for the best Budgerigar Male and the best Canary Male have been donated Midland & Northern District Cage Bird Society (Inc).

A trophy for best Budgerigar Female has been donated by S McLean.

A trophy for the Canary Female has been donated by Brad Demarti.

CHAMPION ROSETTES:  Budgerigar - Cock and Hen, Canary - Cock and Hen.  Three exhibits before a Champion ribbon is awarded.




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