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Each year the Busselton Show hosts a plethora of competitions you can enter from horse riding to livestock and birds, vegetables, fruit and farm produce, cooking and craft to art and photography, woodwork, metal work and school displays.

 It doesn't matter your skill level, you have to be in it to win it! 


  • Read the schedule carefully and make sure you enter your exhibit in the correct class

  • Read the rules, hints and information at the top of the section carefully. This includes sizes, times, and tips to display your entry in it's best light for the judges

  • Display your exhibit tickets as instructed in each section, the instructions are different for each section

  • Judges do not know who has entered each exhibit and judge against a set of criteria, as well as against other entries.

  • The stewards in each section know the rules of judging, displaying and often have amazing skills in the section they steward.....they will be able to give you hints and tips to make your entry better. 

  • Our stewards are volunteers and are free to enter exhibits. Yes they may have a leg up in knowledge of the judging process but they maintain a professional distance from judging of their entries.



Section A  Ring Events (Equestrian)

Section B  Dairy Cattle

Section C  Beef Cattle

Section D  Stud Sheep

Section E  Goats

Section F  Poultry

Section G  Cage Birds

Section H  Pigeons

Section I   Wool

Section J  Pastures & Fodders

Section K  Vegetables

Section L  Farm Produce

Section M Cooking

Section N  Preserves

Section O  Brewing

Section P  Flowers

Section Q  Art

Section R  Photography

Section S  Needlework

Section T  Spinning, weaving & Dying

Section U  Crafts

Section V  Woodwork & Metalwork

Section W Children's


If entering more than once general exhibit section (sections I to Section W) only one form is required

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