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1. This Society is affiliated with the Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia and is conducted under the rules and regulations of that Society,        unless otherwise specified in the schedule.

2. The Exhibition Halls will be open to the public on Friday 1st November at 3.00pm and Saturday November 2nd at 9.00am until 4pm.

3. Judging will commence as stated in our annual schedule of events

4. Admission to the Grounds: Adult $20, Concession and "Juniors 11-16 years" - $10, Children 6-10 years - $5 .  Financial members, on presentation of their membership pass tickets, will be admitted free to the ground. Tickets are NOT TRANSFERABLE and may be used only by the member. If used by any other person, the ticket will be cancelled.


5. (a) Firms exhibiting in the trade display area will be entitled to a limit of four (4) free passes. No other passes will be issued. Additional passes                 may be purchased from the office. 

    (b) Trade exhibits must be placed on the area allotted by the Trade Space Coordinator.


6. Nomination of entry forms must be forwarded to the Secretary no later than: 

    POULTRY; PIGEONS -  as per Show Schedule

    DAIRY; BEEF - as per Show Schedule

    PHOTOGRAPHY (including Children’s) - as per Show Schedule

    CAGE BIRDS -  as per Show Schedule

    CHILDREN’S SECTIONS (excluding Photography) -  as per Show Schedule

    BREEDING HORSES -  as per Show Schedule 

    RING EVENTS; SHOW JUMPING, FANCY DRESS – prior to event via "Nominate" platform

    ALL OTHER SECTIONS – as per Show Schedule

7. No entry will be received except upon the express condition that the exhibit will comply with and submit to the rules, regulations and by-laws of           the Society in all respects. A copy of the rules, and regulations can be had at any time on application to the Secretary.

8. It is a condition of exhibit entry acceptance that an adult sign all nomination of entry forms. If the nomination of entry form is for a person under         18  years of age, the parent/guardian must sign the nomination of entry form.

9. The name of the breeder, grower, producer, manufacturer and the pedigree of the stock, as the case may be, must be stated at the time of entry,        or (if not known) sufficient explanation must be given why this information cannot be afforded. (This does not apply in the case of Agricultural              Societies being exhibitors).

10. The entry fee must be forwarded with the nomination of entry form in all cases.

11. The committee reserves the right to refuse, cancel, or accept conditionally, any entry without giving a reason for so doing.

12. All entries are received subject to the by-laws, regulations and the ordinary rules of the Society.

13. All the exhibits must be the bona fide property, work and product of the exhibitor, except where otherwise stated in each particular Section.


14. Applications for Trade Space must be made to not later than fourteen (14) days before the Show.

15. Should the committee have any reason to suspect that any exhibit is dangerous or objectionable, it may have same removed from, or refuse its          admission to, the grounds.


16. Except where specially stated, no competing exhibit will be allowed to wear any ribbon, badge, or mark, whilst being judged. This does not refer          to decorating ribbons, earmarks or ear discs. Livestock attendants must wear plain dustcoats in the judging ring.

17. The whole arrangements as to the position, classification and grouping of exhibits shall be under the control of the Stewards.

18. The exhibition and produce halls will be cleared of all persons, with the exception of Stewards, at 4pm on the Saturday and re-opened from                   4.30pm to 5pm, for the removal of exhibits. Re-entry and removal of exhibit/s will be by Receipt of Entry form only.

19. All exhibits to be ready for judging at the times stated in each Section.

20. The owner or exhibitor of an exhibit, or stand for an exhibit, not approved as an exhibit by the committee, must remove such exhibit or stand on          request.

21. An exhibitor or attendant refusing to attach the Prize Card to any exhibit to which the prize is awarded, and to keep the same on during the hours        of exhibition, will on proof thereof to the committee forfeit all prizes awarded to such exhibit during the show and may be disqualified from again        competing.

22. One Prize Card only is issued for each prize won.

23. Exhibitors will render themselves liable to a penalty not exceeding $10 by removing any official placard, ticket or ribbon affixed or posted by the          Stewards, or by affixing any other placard, ticket or ribbon in lieu thereof, or by refusing in any way to carry out instructions, and the Society                shall incur no responsibility by enforcing the regulations. The committee shall have power to retain any or all exhibits until fines are paid.

24. The responsibility for the accuracy or the description of pedigree and for the “eligibility to compete” of all animals entered in the various classes          rests solely with the exhibitor.

25. Attendants shall be under the control and direction of the Stewards in their respective sections.

26. Exhibitors of hay in Section J must have grown at least 1.2 hectares this season.

27. Any exhibit, for which no class is provided, likely to be of interest or benefit to the district, may be entered in a non-competitive capacity at the               discretion of the committee.


29. The judges are empowered to decide on the age of any exhibit except cattle and in any dispute as to age, the animal under query shall compete           subject to check with society concerned, unless herd book or calf registration form be produced; any animal which cannot be identified, will be           automatically ineligible.


30. All protests to be made in writing to the Secretary within two hours of the judge awarding the prize, and must be accompanied by $2, which will          be forfeited if the protest is considered frivolous.

31. Should any exhibit having gained a prize be disqualified (either by a protest or for any other reason) the next on the list does not necessarily                obtain such a prize. The committee, with or without the advice of the judge, shall decide. Where any exhibit competes under protest, Stewards              are to ensure that the judge makes an extra placing in case of need.


32. No exhibitor shall act as a judge in the class in which he has an exhibit or in which there is an exhibit in which he is in any way interested.

33. The judges will enter upon their duties as per the timetable (Item 3).

34. Award papers: The judges shall fill in the award papers supplied to them in detail, assign reasons for their decision if requested and sign and              hand same to the Stewards.

35. In the event of there being no competition in any class, prizes may be given if the judges certify to particular merit, but they are specially                       requested to withhold prizes, even where there is no competition, if the exhibits are of inferior description or not suitable for the class in which           they are competing. They may award a second or third prize instead of the first, or may divide the prizes.

36. The judges are requested to make “reserve” number of the exhibits next in merit beyond those to which the prizes are awarded, in every class            where the number of entries exceed the number of prizes offered, if, in their opinion, the exhibit is of sufficient merit to deserve a prize.

37. Champion Awards: In making these awards, the judges will only select from the exhibits which gained First Prizes in classes eligible. Under no             circumstances may the judge make equal Championship Awards. Reserve Champions will be selected from the remaining First Prize winners             and the Second Prize winner from the class which supplied the Champion.

38. The judges shall not award any prize to an exhibit that, in their opinion, does not comply with the condition.

39. Any person insulting or interfering with the judge during the Show will be subject to removal from the grounds and the prize, if any, awarded to          such persons may be absolutely forfeited to the funds of the Society.


40. Stewards in all Sections shall attend upon the judges, furnish them with award books, prize cards and ribbons and afford them all the                          information and attention necessary to the discharge of their duties.

41. Stewards shall, in case of dispute, certify to the correctness of the awards.

42. Stewards shall carefully explain to the judges the conditions of the competition in each class and see that the rules of the Society are upheld by          the judges.

43. It shall be the duty of the Stewards to prevent any person interfering with the judges and if necessary, to order the removal of the offender.                  Persons in charge of any exhibit must on no account address the judge, or leave their exhibit, during the adjudication of the judges, unless                    authorised by the Stewards of the section in which they are competing.


44. Exhibitors’ Receipt of Entry form for each exhibit must be produced to the Stewards on arrival of exhibit and again produced when the exhibit               leaves the ground.


45. Every reasonable care will be taken of exhibits, but no responsibility will be incurred by the Society. Ordinary precautions will be taken to guard          against fire and to protect the property of the Society and exhibitors, but exhibits will not be insured at the cost of the Society.

46. The Society its Directors officers employees and agents will not be responsible to any exhibitor/participant servant agent employee or invitee of          an exhibitor/participant for any loss or damage suffered by or caused to any such exhibitor/participant or their servants agents employees or              invitees for the death or bodily injury caused to any such persons as a result of their participation in the Busselton Agricultural Show and/or                Busselton Show and each exhibitor/participant shall hold Southern Districts Agricultural Society Busselton (Inc) blameless and indemnified                against any legal proceedings arising from any accident whatsoever.

47. Prizes not claimed within the financial year of the show will be forfeited and revert to the funds of the Society. The financial year ends 31                      December in each year.


48. The committee reserves the right to reject or remove any exhibitor, servant or attendant or any visitor from the show without being required to           give an explanation or being liable to compensation.

49. No dogs allowed on the ground.

50. The committee reserves the right to postpose and further postpone the show from the advertised dates, and make what alterations it deems              desirable in the schedule or other show arrangements.

51. The decision of the committee on all points shall be final without recourse.


53. The Show Office is open to the public for general enquiries, collection of tickets and exhibit entries

      Wednesday 23rd October to Friday 25th October                                              9am to 6pm
      Saturday 26th October and Sunday 27th October                                             12pm to 4pm
       Monday 2th October to Wednesday 31st October                                             8am to 6pm
       Thursday 31st October to Saturday 2nd November                                         8am to 5pm

Download rules and regulations here

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