Section K


STEWARD: Jenny Smith 9754 2231
Prize Money: First $10; Second $5 (Unless otherwise stated) Entry Fee: $1
Nominations: Please make sure nominations forms are received at the show office,
Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday 27th October
Delivering Exhibits: Exhibits must be staged by 9.45am on Friday 29th October
Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted. Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday 30th October between 4.15 & 5pm.
Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’

• All root vegetables to be washed and have at least 15cm trimmed top foliage.
• Please note exhibits may be cut for judging purposes.
• Where there is only one entry in a class, the prize will be at the discretion of the judge.
A trophy has been donated by M & D Harries and will be awarded to the best exhibit in this

1    Carrots, three roots.
2    Parsnips, three roots.
3    Turnips, any variety, three roots.
4    Swedes, three roots.
5    Pumpkin, one Jarrahdale.
6    Pumpkins, two Butternuts.
7    Pumpkin, one, any other variety.
8    Onions, white, three specimens.
9    Onions, brown, three specimens.
10    Spring onions, one bunch.
11    Lettuce, one head.
12    Cauliflower, one head.
13    Cabbage, one head.
14    Broccoli, one head.
15    Beetroot, three roots.
16    Snow Peas in shell, ten on a plate.
17    Peas, in shell, ten on a plate.
18    Broad Beans, ten on a plate.
19    Radishes, six roots.
20    Rhubarb, six stalks, pulled not cut, trimmed leaves to 15cm.
21    Oranges, five on a plate.
22    Lemons, five on a plate.
23    Strawberries, seven on a plate.
24    Loquats, fifteen on a plate.
25    Silver Beet, three leaves – green.
26    Silver Beet, three leaves – coloured.
27    Potatoes, Nadine, no less than 2kg 
28    Potatoes, Ruby Lou, no less than 2kg.
29    Potatoes, any other variety, no less than 2kg.
30        COLLECTION OF VEGETABLES, judged by quality.
Not less than 8 varieties, to be assembled as one exhibit.  Varieties in heads to show one single head in each case; bunches not less than 3.
First Prize $14; Second Prize $8.
31        Any other variety – vegetables - five on a plate.
32        Any other variety – fruit – five on a plate.
33    Collection of herbs, not less than three named varieties in a container no larger than 450mm x 450mm.  

Children’s Vegetables in Section W