Section P


STEWARDS: Margaret Grimmond 0458833111
Prize Money: First $10; Second $5 Entry Fee: $1
Nominations: Please make sure nominations forms are received at the show office,
Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday 26th October 
Delivering Exhibits: Exhibits must be staged by 9.30am on Friday 28th October 
Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted. Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday 29th October between 4.15 & 5pm.
Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’

• Nomination of Entries: Entry form at back of schedule, duly completed and lodged with
Show office.
• Exhibits: The “work” the exhibitor lodges with the Exhibition Hall Stewards for judging.
• Ownership of exhibits: All exhibits must be the bona fide property of, and grown by, the
exhibitor, except in Floral Art and the Children’s Section.
• Exhibitors must supply their own flower containers.
• Each specimen and cut to be in an individual bottle – NOT a jar.
• Specimen roses to be no shorter than 40cm and no taller than 55cm from bench-top.
• Distinct means different colour and/or names.
• Exhibits left in the hall after 5pm on Saturday 3rd November will become the property of
the SDAS Busselton. After that time the Society can accept no responsibility for the
exhibits or the containers at any time.
• Heavy flowers must be weighted down – sand or rocks in bottle.

• Bleach – one teaspoon in bucket of water to keep down bacteria. Does not damage
• Carry cut flowers to show in water.
• Carnations and roses appreciate hot water after being cut.
• To prevent air bubbles in stems, cut under water.
• Special attention should be paid to conditioning flowers and foliage. They must stand in
water for AT LEAST 2 hours. Material that is not conditioned in this way will not last for
duration of show.