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STEWARDS: Glenda Nikolic 9754 2424 Julie Wishart 0438 866 775
Prize Money: First $10 – 3 points; Second $5 – 2 points. Entry Fee: $1 - per entry, per class
Enteries: must be registered at the show office before 5pm Tuesday TBC 2021(no
late nominations accepted).
Photographs: Must be delivered to Soccer Rooms by NOON on Wednesday TBC 2021,

with exhibit ticket attached (no late deliveries accepted)
Collection: Please collect exhibitions Saturday TBC 2021 between 4.30 & 5pm.
Exhibits can only be collected by showing ‘Receipt of Entry’

• A limit of 3 photographs per class, per person.
• Exhibitors to attach Velcro hooks on to the back of all prints to assist
in displaying.
• Please affix your image firmly to your mount with double sided tape (NOT GLUE).
• In all classes the photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor and not previously
won a prize at the Busselton Show.
• All prints must be mounted on mounting boards or black or white cardboard. No thicker
than 5mm. The exhibitor’s name and address must NOT appear on the mount.
• Size of mounts should not exceed those specified otherwise entries will not be accepted.
• Only one photograph per mount, unless otherwise specified. No Frames No Glass.
• Images may be digitally ‘enhanced’ but not ‘manipulated’. Please see for further instructions.