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Section V

Woodwork & Metalwork 

STEWARD:  Ian McCauley
Prize Money:  First $10; Second $5                                                                    Entry Fee: $1 

Requirements to exhibit
•    Nomination of entry forms must be received at the show office, Churchill Park, by 12 noon Wednesday 1st November.  
•    Exhibits must be delivered to the Reading Pavillion by 9.30am on Thursday 2nd November.
•    Sorry, no late nominations can be accepted.
Requirements to collect Exhibit
•    The Pavillion will be cleared of patrons and closed at 4pm to safely remove cages in preparation to collect exhibits. 
•    Exhibits can be collected Saturday 4th November between 4.15 & 5pm. 
•    Receipt of entry is required to enter the hall

•    Exhibits that have previously taken prizes at the Busselton Show shall not be eligible to compete.






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